Distillerie Maison M

Distillerie Maison M

Maison M, our latest favorite in the distillery department, is part of the exciting movement of young micro-distilleries who are committed to highlighting the ancestral products of our beautiful country, all with care and respect for the environment.

The story of Maison M is that of a couple who lived several professional lives before embarking on the adventure. Roxane worked in a design agency while Philippe was an ironworker for 8 years. Their common bond: a passion for excellent products and a love for their region of origin: Savoie, and in particular Valmorel, a mountain village with exceptional wild resources.

From picking to bottle , all processes are carried out by the couple. Local resources are the pillar of their approach, so gathering is wild, often at altitude. Each harvest thus delivers a different vintage, depending on the season. Distillation is also traditional, in traditional copper stills. The ageing is more or less prolonged, in the cellars of the distillery. Everything is then homemade, from picking to labeling.

The result? Liqueurs and spirits of great purity and aromatic precision, fruit of a raw material of excellence. Maison M manages to enchant us by perfectly marrying ancestral processes with an originality of approach, like the magnificent design of the distillery's bottles. Long live Savoy!

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