Champagne Georges Laval

Champagne Georges Laval

Georges Laval, a cult name for champagnes with a unique style, nestled in Cumières in the Marne Valley. The production is confidential and very rare.

The Laval family's story begins with a strong choice in Champagne: organic farming since 1971, at a time when only 7 Houses were organic! This approach is now sublimated by his son Vincent Laval.

Uncompromising in the quality of his cuvées, only 14,000 bottles are produced each year, with Vincent selecting only the highest quality grapes from the surrounding area of Cumières. Almost all cuvées are aged in Burgundian oak barrels and in a brut nature style (zero dosage).

The result? A ripe, deep, and incredibly harmonious style. The vinous and mineral character gives these airy champagnes a sparkle and grace.

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