Domaine Ott

Domaine Ott

Domaines Ott: 3 estates, 2 appellations, a unique wine culture

Clos Mireille is an emblematic name of the wines of the Mediterranean basin, whose cultivation the vine is secular, from the time of the Benedictine monks. The place is blessed by the gods: a unique configuration, by the sea, at the Londe des Maures, opposite the golf course of Hyères. It is on this Mediterranean contour that stands this plot of 60 ha in one piece less than 30m from the sea. A climatic influence that allows a perfect maturation of the Semillon grape variety for white, Syrah and Grenache for rosé. Passionately maintained by the OTT family since 1896, Clos Mireille now has the chance to be developed by the Roederer family since 2006, hand in hand with the Ott family. This illustrious Champagne family devotes great means to Clos Mireille to preserve the inimitable character of the wines of the Clos.

Château Romassan is an emblematic name of Bandol wines in which the Roederer family is now the majority shareholder, investing a lot to place Romassan among the greatest Bandol of haute cuisine. Romassan has also been fortunate to benefit since 1956 from the passionate work of the Ott family, who strive to perpetuate the grace of Bandol wines. Romassan responds completely: the Mourvèdre grape variety is king. The 74 hectares exploited include a pretty plot of vines more than 25 years old. The poor soils of limestone, sandstone and marl combined with a sunny microclimate give rise to powerful, structured and concentrated wines, suitable for great ageing!

Château de Selle embodies all the history and passionate talent of the Ott family, who acquired this castle in 1912. A wise choice when you know all the magic of the plots of Selle, a splendid terroir of limestone rocks in Taradeau, near Draguignan. A pioneering estate for the development of the most famous rosé of the Côtes de Provence appellation. The flagship grape varieties of Provence are in the spotlight, from Cinsault to Grenache and Cabernet for the reds then Vermentino and Semillon for the whites. The terraced plots ensure a great diversity of terroirs and viticulture to tame the aridity of the place. An estate that for decades has been delivering great rosés for ageing, suitable for great gastronomy.

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