Domaine Naigeon Pierre

Domaine Naigeon Pierre

The Domaine Naigeon, although historic and renowned within the Côte de Nuits, has long remained modest in size and only known to purists. In the 40s, Pierre Naigeon gave his name to the Domaine.

The estate is now managed by his grandson, also named Pierre. If until 2005 the estate was only 2 small hectares (on two grands crus only!), Pierre Naigeon decided to enlarge it to 11ha (in Hautes Côtes de Nuits and Gevrey).

360-degree turn in 2019 with the takeover of an estate by a couple of neo-winemakers who entrust the vinification to Julien Millet, son of François Millet, former winemaker of the legendary Domaine des Comtes de Vogue.

Since then, wines of a certain classicism have been transformed with innovative aging in amphorae for example, and very sweet vinifications, fruit infusions that have bluffed us!

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