Cidrerie Eclectik

Cidrerie Eclectik

The Electik cider house is a true gem in the world of artisanal ciders. Located in a region renowned for its cider-making tradition, Electik cider house combines passion, creativity, and expertise to create uniquely crafted ciders.

At Electik cider house, quality is at the heart of every production stage. Carefully selected apples come from local orchards, where they are grown with care using environmentally friendly methods. The transformation process, from pressing to packaging, is carried out with meticulous attention, ensuring ciders of exceptional quality.

What sets Electik cider house apart is its commitment to exploring new flavors and pushing the boundaries of tradition. By using innovative fermentation techniques and combining unexpected ingredients, Electik cider house creates unique, surprising, and delightfully refreshing ciders.

Electik cider house's ciders stand out for their subtle balance between sweetness and acidity, as well as their rich and complex aromas. Whether it's a traditional cider, a flavored cider, or a special blend, each bottle reveals the daring and passion that drive Electik cider house.

Immerse yourself in an explosion of flavors and creativity. Be surprised by unique and original ciders that push the boundaries of cider-making tradition. Dive into the innovation and excellence of Electik cider house and savor ciders that will tantalize your taste buds with their distinctive character and remarkable quality.

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