Domaine Hugel

Domaine Hugel

The Hugel estate is a prestigious wine house located in the wine region of Alsace, France. Founded in 1639, the Hugel family has been perpetuating their commitment to excellence and tradition in producing exceptional wines for over 12 generations.

This estate is known for its passion for iconic Alsatian grape varieties such as Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Muscat. The vineyards of the estate are planted in exceptional terroirs, benefiting from an ideal semi-continental climate for the cultivation of these noble grape varieties.

The philosophy of the Hugel estate is based on respect for nature and valuing the terroir. The vines are cultivated sustainably, prioritizing environmentally friendly methods and limiting chemical inputs. The harvest is done by hand to ensure a meticulous selection of the grapes.

The ancestral know-how of the Hugel family is reflected in every step of the winemaking process. The harvested grapes are gently pressed, and the obtained must is carefully vinified to preserve the purity of aromas and the finesse of flavors. The wines of the Hugel estate are distinguished by their elegance, balance, and their ability to express the richness and typicality of the Alsace terroir.

The Hugel estate offers a wide range of wines, from dry and fruity wines to sweet and luscious wines, including sparkling wines. Each cuvée reflects the ancestral expertise of the family and their commitment to producing wines of exceptional quality.

Today, the Hugel estate is led by the 12th generation of the family, thus perpetuating a long winemaking tradition. Their passion for Alsace and its winemaking heritage is reflected in wines of great finesse and rare elegance, captivating wine enthusiasts worldwide.

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