Domaine Emmanuel Giboulot

Domaine Emmanuel Giboulot

The name Giboulot has long been associated with vineyards and winemaking in Burgundy, especially under the organic approach.

Emmanuel's father, Paul, was indeed one of the first winemakers to adopt organic viticulture in Burgundy, back in 1970.

Emmanuel logically followed the same path when he settled in Beaune in 1985. He also takes this approach further towards biodynamics, fully certified since 1996. His fight against chemical treatments and pesticides, such as the one to combat golden flavescence (a battle that led him to court in the 2000s). Despite becoming inadvertently famous after this episode, Emmanuel also stands out thanks to his wines, particularly his promotion of the Côtes de Beaune appellation (5ha out of the 12 he operates) on three magnificent terroirs: la Grande Châtelaine, Les Pierres Blanches, and La Combe d'Eve.

A great journey towards an increasingly environmentally friendly approach to work.

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