Domaine Combier

Domaine Combier

The history of domaine combieris a story of wine, life, family, nature and places. It all began in 1936, when Camille, Laurent's grandfather, descended from Ardèche and acquired a property of 3 ha of vines and 4 ha of apricot trees in La Roche de Glun. In 1960, Laurent's parents, Palette & Maurice, set up farming in the neighbouring town. They will invest for 10 years to set up an arboriculture and an organic and healthy viticulture.

In 1990, Laurent Quelle and his wife Ghislaine took over the 5ha of vineyards, and the 15ha of fruit trees. Graduated in viticulture-oenology, he realizes his dream: to create his own winery and aging. His goal is to follow his own vision of Crozes Hermitage wines. He arrives at the top with the Clos des Grives, a wine that has become iconic.

Discover the red and white wines of Domaine Laurent Combier. The "Cuvée L", the classic Domaine Combier, the Cuvée Cap Nord, the Clos des Grives or the Saint-Joseph are now very recognized. To highlight the notion of sharing, the Domaine Combier offers red Crozes-Hermitage cuvées in Magnum and Jeroboam.

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