Champagne Coulon Roger

Champagne Coulon Roger

Eric and Isabelle Coulon, assisted by their children Louise and Edgard (9th generation of the family), cultivate with passion and commitment a magnificent vineyard of 11ha, certified organic since 2019.

The family has patiently identified and isolated 120 plots within their vineyard, in order to best reflect the particularities of each terroir around the village of Vrigny, north of the Montagne de Reims. On these sandy soils, Pinot Meunier works wonders and the Coulons strive to reveal the full potential of this grape variety, planting vines from massal selection, often in franc de pied.

Tillage, vegetation cover to control moisture, agroforestry... A careful work is carried out in the vineyard by the estate. The cuvées are aged in oak barrels (10 to 15% new barrels).

Roger Coulon champagnes are dry, vinous and intensely perfumed, magnified by the particular texture of Pinot Meunier. On the program, artisan champagnes displaying character and vinosity!

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