Brasserie Les Acolytes

Brasserie Les Acolytes

The values of the Acolytes Brewery have always been clear, to produce modern beers and go off the beaten path: blonde, amber, and brown...
The Acolytes aim to produce modern, flavorful, and original beers, respecting the artisanal brewing tradition: no filtration, no additives, no pasteurization, etc...
The Acolytes Brewery is certified organic (AB) and the range now includes 6 regular beers offered year-round.
Two seasonal beers are released occasionally: Bière des Vendanges and Bière de Noël.

Flavorful, modern, and original beers, the Acolytes offer you a complete range of certified organic beers, crafted with respect for raw materials and brewing tradition.

Located in the heart of the vineyard "Château les Croisille," many beer projects are still in the works to combine the uniqueness of these two not-so-distant worlds...

Many projects are still in the works!

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