Domaine Pierre-Olivier Garcia

Domaine Pierre-Olivier Garcia

Discover the magnums of Domaine Pierre Olivier Garcia

The great talent of the Côte de Nuits whose reputation has exploded in just a handful of years! We are delighted to have been able to meet Pierre-Olivier in time, when we know that today wines are snapped up and allocated in a few days. This dazzling success, however, is not the result of chance. The origin of the estate was born from the union of two childhood friends to create Domaine Moron-Garcia in 2016. A haute couture business centered on their city of birth: Nuits Saint Georges. Although this appellation is perceived as delivering classic and traditional wines, the two men want to give it a big boost with wines combining purity and aromatic finesse, to contradict the image of Epinal du Nuits St Georges vin d'homme, powerful and earthy. In 2020, Pierre-Olivier took over the management of the estate alone, convinced (with good reason!) that his viticulture and winemaking model can be established over time. For this he also acquired some vines on terroirs of high quality, such as Bousselots and Herbues à Nuits. All the grapes come from organic viticulture, Pierre-Olivier even pushing the approach by developing biodiversity and polyculture on his plots. All the grapes are sorted drastically in the vineyard and in the cellar, then vinified in the winery of the estate.

Pierre-Olivier is very meticulous, for him no concession must be made and everything must be done to drink grapes of a perfect state of health, even if it means harvesting over 3 weeks where a "classic" estate would complete everything in 10 days. He thus developed a battle plan worthy of Swiss watchmaking: the grapes spend a night in the cool air to slow down the fermentation, then are sorted for an entire morning (!!!).

Great originality here: the use of the berry by berry technique on all the red cuvées (no other estate does it!). All the green parts of the bunch ("the raffles") are cut with chisel meticulously to leave the pedicel intact on the grape berry. Thus, the grape berries are vatted are no juice flow. Everything is vinified using the mille-feuille technique: destemmed grapes, whole harvests and grapes "berry by berry" for an astonishing aromatic complexity! The wines are vinified without sulfur and aged in barrels (few new barrels) for 1 year. The result in the glass is stunning, the wines have a fruit shine like nowhere else and this from their early youth, we immediately go beyond the primary aromas to taste unique, complex and tasty wines. Heady!

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