Domaine De La Folie

Domaine De La Folie

Welcome to Domaine De La Folie, a wine oasis nestled in the heart of Chagny, where history and passion merge to create exceptional wines. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of this family estate, a true gem of Burgundy.


Domaine De La Folie, rich in a viticultural heritage passed down from generation to generation, embodies the very essence of Burgundian tradition. Each bottle tells the story of a family devoted to the land and the art of winemaking, creating wines that reflect the quintessence of the terroir.

Exceptional Terroir

The estate's vines, bathed in the Burgundian sun, thrive in a unique terroir. The rich soils give the grapes an incomparable complexity, giving rise to elegant and expressive wines. Each grape variety is cherished, carefully harvested to preserve the authenticity of the terroir.

Wine Range

From Chardonnay to Pinot Noir, the wine range of Domaine De La Folie captivates connoisseurs around the world. Each bottle is a work of art, the result of meticulous winemaking and unwavering passion for excellence.

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