Domaine Ganevat

Domaine Ganevat

We no longer present the Domaine Ganevat as the work of Jean-François and his sister Anne has made it possible for years to highlight the Jura in what it has most qualitative. In his stronghold of La Combe de Rotalier (south of Lons le Saunier), Fanfan Ganevat comes from a long line of winegrowers dating back to 1650 as far as possible.

After working for his father and then for the Jean-Marc Morey estate in Chassagne-Montrachet, Jean-François took over the family estate in 1998. The result has since been eloquent... The estate remains on a human scale, 8ha where more than 17 different grape varieties are carefully grown. An impressive diversity amplified by the biodynamic certification.

Meticulous and meticulous, Fanfan strives to carry out a particular aging for each vintage, with as common point long agings, generally in oak barrels. Contrary to the Jura tradition, he wields his barrels in the manner of the Burgundians. Fanfan Ganevat is definitely a magician of winemaking and each tasting of his wines is unique...

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