Distillerie Metté

Distillerie Metté

Founded in 1962 by Jean-Paul Metté, the Metté distillery is a family-owned business located in the village of Ribeauvillé, in Alsace. For over fifty years, the distillery has been producing exceptional brandies and liqueurs based on a traditional artisanal know-how passed down from generation to generation.

Central to their approach is the quality of the fruits used. Contrary to some misconceptions, the fruits used for distillation are not spoiled products, but top-quality fruits. The producers who work with the Metté distillery understand the high standards of the master distiller and therefore strive to deliver impeccable fruits.

The distillation process itself is very meticulous and respectful of tradition. Naturally sweet fruits are fermented in barrels for six to eight weeks, while berries, flowers, and spices undergo a maceration in grape brandy. The precise moment of distillation is chosen by the distiller, Timothée Traber, based on the smell, taste, and appearance of the fruits. The fruits are then distilled in small traditional copper stills, the same ones used by Jean-Paul Metté. The brandies are distilled twice to ensure a perfect balance, and the stills are carefully cleaned between each distillation to preserve the brandy's flavor.

Once distilled, the brandies are aged for at least six years in stainless steel tanks, exposed to the variations of the Alsatian microclimate. This aging process allows the alcohol to mellow and develop its full complexity and finesse. The aged brandies mature for about twenty years in 30-liter glass demijohns placed in the attic. This process ensures the precision of each brandy at the bottling stage.

Beyond technical expertise, the Metté distillery is driven by a true passion for the product. Respect for traditions and a commitment to quality are at the core of their dedication. The Metté distillery is a true Alsatian institution that has preserved Jean-Paul Metté's legacy while remaining at the forefront of artisanal brandy and liqueur production.

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