Domaine Pilon Julien

Domaine Pilon Julien

Welcome to Domaine Julien Pilon, a must-visit destination for Rhône Valley wine lovers! Located in Chavanay, at the heart of the Northern Rhône Valley, this vineyard is run by the talented winemaker Julien Pilon.

An array of exceptional wines:

Domaine Julien Pilon offers a rich and diverse range of wines, showcasing the prestigious appellations of the northern Rhône Valley. On the white wine side, you can enjoy Crozes-Hermitage, Saint-Peray, Saint-Joseph, Hermitage, and Condrieu, each expressing the unique character of its terroir.

Red wine lovers will also be delighted with the delicious Saint-Joseph, Cornas, and Côte-Rôtie. These captivating red wines are the result of Julien Pilon's expertise and reflect the typicality of the lands where they originate.

French wines to discover:

In addition to these prestigious appellations, Domaine Julien Pilon also offers French wines, made from emblematic grape varieties of the region. You will be enchanted by the elegant wines based on Marsanne, Roussanne, Viognier, and Syrah.

Terroir, passion, humanity:

Each cuvée from Domaine Julien Pilon is the result of meticulous work that respects the terroir. With passion and expertise, Julien Pilon brings out the best of each vineyard plot to create exceptional quality wines.

The estate takes pride in cultivating its vines on a human scale, thus favoring an artisanal approach that is attentive to every detail. This philosophy is reflected in every bottle, offering wines that combine finesse, complexity, and elegance.

Come and discover Domaine Julien Pilon:

If you are passionate about the art of wine or simply curious to explore new flavors, Domaine Julien Pilon is a must-visit in the Rhône Valley. Let yourself be seduced by these exceptional wines, showcasing the richness of the terroirs and the expertise of a passionate winemaker. Whether you prefer subtle whites or powerful reds, the wines of Domaine Julien Pilon will delight your taste buds and offer you an unforgettable gustatory experience.

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