Domaine Joseph Drouhin

Domaine Joseph Drouhin

The Drouhin family serving Burgundy wines since 1880.

The Drouhin family is a historic wine house in Beaune that perpetuates the tradition of a wine merchant while also investing in the acquisition of a superb 93ha vineyard, such as the legendary "Clos des Mouches" acquired in 1921 by Maurice, son of the founder Joseph. Maurice's son, Robert, expanded the vineyard to other horizons in the 1970s. A visionary, he invested in the United States, in Oregon, in the late 1980s and also developed the family vineyard in Chablis. In the spirit of Domaine Joseph Drouhin, Robert's four children Drouhin continue today the tradition of a distinctly Beaune wine house.

Hats off to the ladies! The energetic Véronique, a state-certified oenologist, oversees the wines of the estate along with Jérôme Faure-Bac.

If Véronique is the guardian of the House's style, the pragmatic Philippe is the family's green soul. In charge of the family vineyard, he gradually converted it to organic and then biodynamic agriculture.

Of all the wine merchants, Joseph Drouhin is certainly the one that delivers the finest and most elegant wines of Burgundy. Véronique Drouhin strives to make the wines easy to drink, aromatic, and pleasant from a young age. In the vineyard, treatments and interventions are minimal, as are extractions in the cellar, and the use of new oak barrels is limited. From Chablis to Mâcon, through the two coasts, all the house's cuvées are consistently excellent each vintage, from the simple village to the grand cru!

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