Domaine De La Bongran

Domaine De La Bongran

Based in Quintaine, a hamlet located between Viré and Clessé, the domaine de la bongran is a special estate in the Mâconnais wine landscape, the Thévenet family having highlighted the wines (Chardonnay) with residual sugars in Burgundy. Jean Thévenet has been at the head of the Domaine since 1972 and his son Gautier joined in 1996.

Certified organic since 2012, father and son strive to harvest the Chardonnay bunches at optimal maturity, in order to deliver rich, fleshy wines with an incredible aromatic concentration. All while preserving balance and acidity, the white marl soil of the Domaine's vines maintaining a high level of acids even at high maturity. Another originality, the wines are aged for a long time (2 years minimum) in stainless steel vats, without adding wood. The dry cuvée of Viré-Clessé E.J Thévenet retains between 2g and 4g of residual sugars, a wine of very high level.

The Domaine also produces two vintages produced only on the best vintages. The cuvée Levroutée is a semi-dry with 18g/L of residual sugars while the cuvée Botrytis is a very great sweet wine produced on only a handful of vintages. The wines age wonderfully and amaze the greatest world at dessert time!

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