Distillerie Du Centre

Distillerie Du Centre

Founded in 1789, the Distillerie Du Centre is the ultimate guardian of a long tradition anchored in the heart of Limoges. For nearly two centuries, the city of Limoges has been the home of distilleries, a key place in the art of creating eaux-de-vie and spirits.

Located at the crossroads of many trades, the city of Limoges had the opportunity to easily welcome treasures such as Cognac, Armagnac, Rum, liqueur wines, cane sugar, fruits, plants and spices, all essential elements for the manufacture of many prized specialities.

Thanks to the abundance of oak trees suitable for the manufacture of barrels, a source of pure and delicious water, an expert and creative workforce, Limoges was the cradle of a new flourishing estate. In addition to the famous porcelain, the city has seen the flourishing of an equally exceptional activity, exceptional distillation.

Today, the Distillerie Du Centre continues this precious heritage by creating spirits of exceptional quality. It embodies the very essence of tradition and craftsmanship, perpetuating the know-how passed down through generations to offer unique and memorable flavors. Discover our spirits and immerse yourself in a rich history of tastes and experiences.

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