Maison 16

Maison 16

Maison 16 is an independent liquorist specializing in the production of wild plants hand-picked by artisans in Maison 16.

At the base of this project, a passionate liquorist: César Triouleyre. He created Maison 16 in 2019, in St Marcellin in the Forez. Caesar's priority is to select high quality raw materials, sourcing them locally.

Base alcohol and cane sugar are certified organic. The wild plants used in the composition of the liqueurs are picked by hand and locally, in the fields and forests surrounding the distillery. Production and bottling are done by hand and by hand.

The liqueurs are certified free of additives, dyes or preservatives. The key process: the maceration of plants, a technique that César masters to perfection, all without any input. These liqueurs have a lot of character and originality. A real great discovery!

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