Our company

Magnum de vin is an online store specializing in the sale of wines in large formats : from magnum to jeroboam. Born from the association of three friends, the company Magnum de vin, online wine merchant dedicated to magnums and large formats, aims to make you discover the best wines in generous formats in order to share a friendly moment with family, friends or colleagues. Magnum and jeroboam formats are also ideal as gifts.

Magnum de vin de rose

Magnum de vin makes you discover nearly 500 references of magnums and jeroboams of wine selected with care, and coming directly from the estates. Our Magnum wine team offers a wide variety of wines from different regions of France. You will find on our online store magnums of Burgundy wine, magnums of Alsace wine, magnums of Bordeaux wines, but also magnums of foreign wine. Magnumdevin.com offers you magnums of white wines, magnums of red wines, magnums of rosé, magnums of champagne, but also magnums and jeroboams of spirits such as magnums of whisky, magnums of liqueurs, magnums of gin.

Magnums de vin de champagne magnum de vin

Our team

Magnum de vins, an online wine merchant specializing in magnums and large formats, is the result of the association of three childhood friends.

L'équipe de Magnum de vin

In 2021, Nicolas notes with horror that out of the few major trading houses, it is difficult to find on the web qualitative wines in magnum format. Originally from Burgundy, wine and gastronomy lover, defender of a above all convivial vision of wine, he contacted two childhood friends to offer them to create an online wine merchant dedicated to large formats and magnum in particular: Vincent, owner of the Athenaeum in Beaune, a place dedicated to wine lovers which brings together the world's leading oenological bookshop and more than 1000 wine references and Christophe who has successfully developed a leading online retailer in the hairdressing sector: Beauty Coiffure.

Boutique Athenaeum située à Beaune

By associating, everyone brings their skills: Christophe is in charge with his team of web development, site management and logistics. Vincent is in charge of the selection of wines and the Athenaeum becomes a physical space for presenting the magnums offer. Nicolas coordinates and animates all the stakeholders.

Our values

The Magnum de vin team shares strong values of quality and conviviality that are reflected in the wines offered. Thanks to the expertise offered by the team and its strategic geographical position in the heart of Beaune (21), a few steps from the famous Hospices de Beaune, Magnum de vin wishes to transmit its strong values. The magnumdevin.com policy is simple:

  • Select "sincere" wines thanks to the regular tasting work of the Athenaeum team in order to offer you authentic and tasty wines for all occasions and events.

  • Sourcing directly from the domains to ensure the best possible traceability for the end customer. The Magnum wine team is the only intermediary between the producer and you.

  • Store the wines in premises with a controlled temperature and humidity for wines that retain all its aromas durably.

  • Use transport professionals to deliver in the best conditions and with quality packaging that protects and respects wine bottles.
Magnum de vin, situé au cœur de Beaune

The whole Magnum de vin team wishes you a good tasting